Best Parenting Advice Evah

Best Parenting Advice Evah

Hi, all. Just a quick note to keep you apprised of what I’ve been up to. I know you’ve been dying to know. I also wanted to inform you of the winner of the fantastic Amazon gift card and book giveaway from last week. The lucky winner is Jena-Lea Wright. Sorry to the rest of you, but we can’t all be winners. Don’t worry, though. You’ll have another crack at being a winner because I’m doing a Last Last Blast of Summer Reading. For real this is it. So check back tomorrow for some more freebies.

What I really want to talk about, though, is me. Recently, my highly sought-after parenting advice was featured on Mommy Nearest. Well, not my advice but my pediatrician’s. And it wasn’t so much highly sought after as it was posted as a general question on Facebook. But I was tagged in the post (clearly, my advice was very important). And, the question wasn’t really asking for my advice so much as advice given to me by a better, more trusted parenting source. Still, when it comes to recognizing good advice and reiterating it, Mediocre Mama, who posed the question, knew who to come to. That’s right. I’m exceptionally good at retaining good advice. So I gave it to her, and she collected it with a bunch of other really good advices (not a word except for it is now) for a post she was putting together for new or newish parents because you don’t really get your parenting groove on until your kid is about 18 or you have more kids and are too weary to give a crap anymore.

After I contributed my advice I didn’t really think any more about it, but then yesterday I got a notice that the post was up and my bit of advice was included. CLicking over to the post I was quite pleasantly surprised. It wasn’t the typical, bogus “enjoy every moment” article so often found on parenting sites or magazines. The piece gave real, astute, practical advice nervous first-time parents are most likely desperate to hear but probably don’t. With all the pressure out there for parents to be perfect, when you’re new to the game you worry constantly that you’re doing it wrong. This article, What’s the Best Parenting Advice You’ve Ever Received?, helps to allay some of those fears and lets parents know they’re doing just fine.

Then I was asked again for my wise parenting advice.

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Frank Bruni, HuffPost & Me

Over the weekend I decided not to give up writing after all. Who am I kidding? Then I’d have no one to talk to, and I’d have to go back to talking to my husband, and he has no time for that, which is why I started writing in the first place. If I stopped writing now I’d be right back to square one and angry at myself and despairing over the loss of my outlet, which really could have been something if only I’d kept at it, and then I’d be even angrier and lamenting, why’d I have to be so stupid!

And I have to say it was a good decision because Sunday morning I woke up and read Lisa Belkin’s piece on Frank Bruni’s piece on parenting in the New York Time op-ed pages last Sunday, which lead me to read Bruni’s piece which lead me to write my own piece, which I sent off to The Huffington Post, which they published today on the site. Funny how things work.

Devil Child

Anyway, if you haven’t read any of these, here’s the short version. Last Sunday Frank Bruni said this: today’s parents suck, blah, blah, blah. And then Lisa Belkin said this: no they don’t. And the whole internet said this: Frank, you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about because you don’t even have kids so shut your face. And I said this: What if Frank Bruni has a Point? I have kids so I can say that so internet shut your face. And you said, OFM, you are always so smart and right about everything so I am going to read your piece right now!

Even if you didn’t say that, could you still read my piece? Thanks!

P.S. The piece is slightly more eloquent than what I’ve written here. Promise.

Also there’s this. One click on the banner registers your vote. That’s all you have to do (Everyday. Forever). Thanks.

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Parenting According to Twitter

Kids. Whether you love them or hate them or love to hate them, you have to raise them, and that can be annoying. Thankfully, Titter is here to help. Twitter is the go-to resource for parents seeking sage advice, inspiration or practical solutions to common parenting problems, all free of charge from strangers who have remarkably imaginative ways of dealing with the perplexing problems of parenthood. 

Girl crying
I hate it here. I don’t care that I liked it yesterday. Today I hate it.

With the myriad demands of parenting not to mention those of the children, one can easily become overwrought and overwhelmed. All one really needs to do when one’s child is throwing the fifth tantrum of the day or shrieking because she can’t see why she is not allowed to play in the toilet bowl when it’s so obviously the right height and perfect size for a person of her stature is turn to one’s Twitter feed. There’s bound to be plenty of useful if slightly unorthodox insight and understanding from those who have been there.

Take Mommy Catwalk for instance.

Mommy Catwalk

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When Parenting Just Isn’t For You

I need to discuss several matters of importance that have come to my attention lately and about which I have recently tweeted. Namely, I’m considering a career change.

Why not? I mean we have this revelation in other aspects of our lives. Who’s to say after a few years of parenting you’re not going to tire of it or realize, perhaps, your strengths lie elsewhere? Despite the best of intentions, sometime things just don’t work out. That’s understandable. Like any other job, maybe parenting just isn’t your thing. Shouldn’t you be able to say, “You know what? I gave it my best shot. Time to move on.”

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