Get a Job

old photo of kids
Look at these industrious little tots. One off to an illustrious naval career. And the other to, perhaps, a career as an avant-garde fashion designer?

I repeat this phrase to my kids all the time: Get a job. But now that I have two more freeloaders in the family, I find I need to say it a little more often.

kid throwing money
Dolla bills, y’all.

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When Love Walks In: The Conclusion

That’s Kitty 1 in action.

For this Tweetpeat Tuesday I have the finale of the first (one of many to come I’m sure) kitty post, When Love Walks In, wherein I explained how we went from zero to two (kitties) literally overnight. Well, I explained how we came to adopt one pet but not how we wound up coming home with two, which is the purpose of this post.

We were really only suppose to go to the animal shelter to see Ryan. I still had a little work to do enroute convincing Kevin a pet was a good idea. He wasn’t fully sold on the whole animal idea although I’m pretty sure he knew his fate was sealed the moment he agreed to the visit. Shaking his head as we pulled out of the driveway, he turned away from our petless existence and headed toward the new, animal-friendly life that awaited us.

If you’ve ever read my post, Can We Have a Pet, I note that I even surprised myself when I became the driving force behind animal ownership. I thought Kevin would crack way before I did. I never particularly wanted a pet and certainly nothing larger or more mobile than a Furby. I like my house neat and orderly and my kids the same way, and while the kids may not be little anymore, I felt taking care of two other human beings in addition to myself was a large enough responsibility for one person.

But once I saw the picture of Ryan and made the decision to bust her out, I thought, Well, what’s the difference between one cat and two?

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The Care & Maintenance of a Hermit Crab

Okay, last week when I wrote about hermit crabs on my pet post, indicating they make the perfect pets, I wasn’t being completely honest.

They do make good pets, but if you are a hermit crab purist, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with the care required to provide a happy home for hermit crab.

A cute but very taxing little critter.

I admitted last week I was the one to lobby for a pet crab, but it was only because out of all the possibilities, hermit crabs seemed like the best way to fulfill my parental obligation without actually having to exert any effort. One way or another I knew my kids would brow beat me into getting some sort of critter. I figured I had better get out in front of this situation and steer it into more parent-friendly territory. Hence my ingenious plan of allowing my children to acquire crabs.

Now when my daughter cries, “Why won’t you ever let us have a puppy?! You never let us have a pet!” I can say, “What are you talking about? I let you have hermit crabs.”

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Can We Have a Pet?

It’s the inevitable question, and one I was adamantly against until recently.

Look at that cute little guy. How can you say no to him?

While I had pets growing up, I never wanted one as an adult, and once I had kids, I had all the wild animals I could handle. Of course, my kids asked, but I always skirted the issue. I simply couldn’t clean up after one more member of this family.

I was sure my husband would crack way before I did. Kevin had his beloved dog, Ginger, growing up, and he also took care of a neighbor’s bunnies for a little pocket change. He’s a nature and animal lover who claims to have established close personal relationships with neighborhood squirrels. According to Kevin the little critters would line up and stare longingly through the glass patio doors of his childhood home, waiting for him to come out and play.

So, I was surprised when I was the one to cave first. I can’t even call it caving. I actually wanted to get the kids a pet. We were on vacation down the shore (and, it is “down the shore”), and I wanted to get them both hermit crabs. I know in some circles hermit crabs don’t count as pets, but for me this was a big step.

Kevin, though, was not having it. I had to work on him the entire week at the beach.

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