Tweetpeat Tuesday Because Funny


Anything New to Say

Seriously, why can’t Twitter come up with something to say for once? I can’t be the only one doing all the work.

Gr8 idea in Spanish

I can’t tell you how many times that’s happened to me. So frustrating especially since people talk so fast in Spanish.

But it’s not as frustrating as this.


I generally don’t subscribe to bucket lists but on this I’m totally with Carrie. I’m not asking for much. Just 6 hours. Every day. For a full week. Before I die. And I’m starting to think it might not happen because there’s more snow forecasted for this week even though tomorrow is supposed to be near 60 degrees. Can someone please explain that to me? How is that possible? It’s not fair.

But Carrie has shown me the positive side of snowmageddonapocalypse. It gives you some much needed time to catch up on other neglected areas of your life.

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