Have You Ever Wanted to Join a Dating Site With Your Partner?

How do you know for certain you’re with your soul mate unless a computer algorithm tells you so? You don’t. Even if you’ve been married for nearly two decades. That’s why it’s long been a dream of mine to join a dating site with my partner, and I finally got to live my dream this month when Bustle’s new site, Romper, allowed me to conduct my little experiment. Once and for all, I would know conclusively whether my husband and I were meant for each together.

Turns out we’re not. At least according to the top online dating sites. But Dancespirit and I had some real potential. Now for the rest of my days I’ll have to wonder what my life would have been like had I met and married my true love. By the name I’m thinking probably not good. If you want to find out what really happens when you join an online dating site with your husband (and I recommend you do), go on over to Romper and check it out.


I've long wanted to join a dating site with my husband to find out if we truly are right for each other. I finally got my wish. Here's what happened.
That could have been me and Dancespirit. Look how happy we would’ve been.


Editor’s note: Mad props to my husband who was an excellent sport about the grand experiment. Don’t worry, honey, I’m not gonna take the algorithm’s word over yours. Dancespirit never had a chance.

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photo credit: Pam & Tadd via photopin (license)