Best Tweets of the Week. Or Month. Or Whatever. But Hey They’re Funny.

Funniest Tweets

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Funniest Tweets




You know what else is the truth? This:


  The other 25%, it’s meat.       

  Staying on the subject for a minute…   


Or, you can always do take out.


  Unless you can’t leave… because kitties.    


You know how kitties are. How am I supposed to leave with kitty meowing at me like that?

I’m glad I went, though, because like Moody Monday, I had a lot troubling me.


  What the hell. Why wouldn’t you want to be my friend – on Facebook, I mean?     

  What needs to be said that can’t be said on Facebook? Just messages me, OK? You know what else I love? This:      

  I guess that’s why you see so many people just standing around in a daze. Which is my special talent.    

  I’m so good at loitering. I’m also good at some yoga moves like…  

  Because I keep trying. Like my friend says…   

  But don’t worry. Boyd has some good advice. 




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