Tooth Fairy Problems

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What are you sitting around for? You have work to do.
What are you sitting around for? You have work to do. Photo credit: sofi01 via photopin cc

You know how you expect the Tooth Fairy to be on her game? I mean, it’s little kids we are talking about here. We don’t want to disappoint them. Or, more importantly, have to explain why the Tooth Fairy was a no-show. Well, on more than one occasion I have found myself in the rather awkward position of having to cover for our incompetent Tooth Fairy. I really don’t know why she can’t seem to get it right. The responsibilities of the job are fairly straight forward.

Well, today my unfortunate experiences with our no-good, lazy, rotten Tooth Fairy is over on Mamalode. Go on over and check it out.



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5 thoughts on “Tooth Fairy Problems”

  1. I can’t comment over there because I don’t have disqus, but I had to tell you a quick story about my older sister. She said that her son, 6 years old, had lost a tooth, and in the middle of the night, whhen her daughter, a newborn, had been up for the millionth time as a collicky baby, my sister had just fumbled for some money and put it under his pillow. The next morning, her son ran into the kitchen, eyes wide with excitement. “MOM!” he said, “The Tooth Fairy left me TEN DOLLARS!!!” My older sister said she whipped her head in his direction and went “What? No, that can’t be right…” In her tired, newborn haze the night before, she had accidentally grabbed at $10 instead of the $1 she’d been looking for…

  2. Haha, there have been so many times (probably 75% of my tooth fairy duties, if I’m honest), where I’ve had to rummage in the next morning and covertly sneak the money into their pillowcases. “You must not have looked here. See? The tooth fairy didn’t forget you!”

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