TweetPeat Tuesday is BACK (only on Wednesday)

Funniest tweets on husbands and wives this week. By @OneFunnyMotha

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Give me a break. I just moved, and I had to let the people know about Perfectly Popped popcorn so that their popcorn would never get burned again. That’s important! Anyway, Tweetpeat Tuesday, Tweetpeat Wednesday. What’s the difference? Other than Tweetpeat Wednesday doesn’t have that alliteration ring to it, which is the whole reason I started Tweetpeat Tuesday in the first place. But a funny tweet is a funny tweet, and it deserves it’s own day of the week no matter what.

After a brief (unintentional) hiatus from Twitter (I would never leave you, Twitter. You know I love you.) I came across some pretty funny tweets last week that I would like to share with you now in no specific order or organizing theme because who has time to organize their thoughts anymore for Pete’s sake?

Well, do you want to read something funny or not?

Oh, sure, first you're laughing and running through a field of flowers.
Oh, sure, first you’re laughing and running through a field of flowers. Photo credit: Micah Camara via photopin cc

To which Angelina and the rest of womankind had something to say. 

Mine too, Angelina, mine too. #SadButTrue.

Then it's like this.
Then it’s like this. Photo credit: Ed Yourdon via photopin cc

You know what else is sad but true? This:

I remember that moment. It was the beginning of a dark period in my life.

Before that my life was like this:

Ah, I miss those days. Battling it out in the public bathroom. Those were some good times. 

You know what else is a good time? This: 

The nerve of some people.

Other people, like this dentist, restore my faith in humanity.


Of course, Twitter is always there for you.

Which leads me to:

Sucks for them. The next generation is going to have it rough.





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