Battle of the Sexes Part II

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couple on beach In the classic battle between the sexes some things never change, but every now and then there’s an update.

See? That’s a new twist on an old theme. Sam also made a new discovery on what is undoubtedly a universal truth about one of the sexes.

Yeah so? What’s his point?

I'll take all of it.
I’ll take everything.

Food is good. Lots of it is even better. Especially when you need someone to turn to, someone who cares, someone to provide a little comfort. Not that husbands or boyfriends can’t provide comfort. It’s not like they’re impassive or completely insensitive as Charlene can attest to.

My husband feels hungry all the time. I think it’s his dominant emotion. He’s also really thirsty. Mostly for coffee.   

I agree. Both men and women can get all their emotional needs met from food and drink.

Coffee's always there for you with nothing but love.
Coffee’s always there for you. With nothing but love.

Look how happy it makes her. happy coffee Still, I don’t think that’s gonna cut it for Nicky.

Three seems like a lot. I bet Evil Genius would settle for one.

Of course that’s not as bad as Grant’s situation.

Ahh, it’s good exercise. He’ll thank her for it later. Before I go, I’d like to leave you with one final bit of advice. This just might solve the battle between the sexes once and for all.

Why do men not realize this? Dummies.



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