Who Wore it Best? Crazy Kitty Pants Smack Down

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I don’t know if you remember, but a while back Kelly at Foxy Wine Pocket was GIVING AWAY space kitty stretch pants. Just giving them away. And I said, “Oh, I gotta get in on that.” So I entered her contest. (get the history here. The contest is now closed. Sorry.) I wasn’t quite sure what I was gonna do with space kitty pants, but I had to have them.

The whole origin of the space kitty pants goes way back to an early shopping experience (as in earlier this year) Kelly had at Target. She made the mistake of not buying them on the spot, and the next time she went back they were gone. She despaired that they were lost to her forever.

But, then one wild night out at Target with her 90 year old Grandma, she stopped cold in her tracks. There before her eyes, as she stood stunned in the middle of the white linoleum aisle, were the pants. The ones she had longed for. The ones she thought she’d never see again.

This time she didn’t hesitate. She threw her arms around those pants. In fact, she threw her arms around two of those pants. One for herself and another for one lucky reader.

I was that lucky reader!

Of course, now that we had matching space kitty pants we had to do something with them.

This is what we did:

Who wore it best? Me vs. Foxy Wine Pocket in the Space Kitty Pants Smack Down.

Kitty Pants

We want to know from you, dear readers, who wore it best. And be honest. We can handle it because we really do need your style advice. We have to look good when we wear our kitty pants to BlogU 14 in June. I mean we don’t want to look like fools.

For a classic look I paired mine with a crisp white button down shirt. Plus, I didn’t want anything to detract from the pants.

Do you need a closer look?

Kitty Pants Close Up

I was uncertain as to what shoes would go with the pants. But then I thought you really can’t go wrong pairing animal print with animal pants, right?

Now go on over to Foxy Wine Pocket to see how she wore them. Then either here on on Foxy’s site, vote (in comments) on who wore it best. K? Any other fashion advice is welcome, too.

Also, Foxy and I had this fantastic idea. We’re calling for an inappropriate pants party at BlogU! We want everyone to wear their inappropriate pants to the party (or else it’s really not an inappropriate pants party). Baby Sideburns is even in on the action. You might recall her Facebook post of a picture in the dressing room (of Target I think we can safely assume) in wildly inappropriate leopard pants (actual renderings of leopards and white tigers I believe). And, if the Blog U officials won’t throw the party (I’ve already attempted to get them to throw a toga party to no avail), Foxy’s having it in her room. I’m gonna get the keg,* and we can hoist it up through the second floor window with a rope so the RA won’t know. Just like old times. It’s gonna be great!

*But for real just like old times there is NO drinking in the dorms. I was just kidding about the beer keg. We all love drinking from things like a Stainless steel mini keg, but we can’t do it this time around. Sorry. I want to sneak in a beer keg as much as the next middle-aged, haggard mom, but we have to be on our best behavior. We gotta represent! We are bloggers. We are not a bunch of freed, wild animals (despite what our pants say) let loose for a weekend without our spawn. And we want to get invited back. So remember: No kegs allowed!

This in no way impacts on our inappropriate pants party (well, it does a little), but the party must go on! And like I always say, “Where there is a will there’s a way.” Foxy and I will put on our college caps and figure something out. Also, Foxy had a good idea on her post – to let us know on Facebook or Twitter if you’re going to BlogU and post a picture with your crazy pants. That way we’ll be able to recognize each other in the crowd.



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30 thoughts on “Who Wore it Best? Crazy Kitty Pants Smack Down”

  1. This. Is. Epic. I am laughing so hard at these Cats in Space…. You two are both smokin’ hot pussy pant wearers! Now I have to find some inappropriate pants for BlogU

  2. Oh, it’s just so hard to decide….

    …okay, okay…

    I’ve gotta go with Foxy…I mean, OFM, I love the classic button-down, but FWP’s facial expression was just so much more animated.

  3. This is amazing on so many levels. So. Many.

    I’ve vowed to keep my eyes peeled for some amazingly inappropriate pants for BlogU … I don’t know if they’ll be as good as space kitties though. That’s a tough one!

  4. The pants are epic! I wish I were going to Blog U to see them in person. Promise me that there will be a slideshow of photos from the party.

  5. Anyone who has the balls to to do a closeup selfie of their own thighs has my vote. You have to be the winner. Plus, the bit chin’ flats complement the outfit beautifully. I told Foxy that if I found a pair of puss pantaloons, I will have to join you at BlogU. Otherwise, take lots of photos!!

    1. Why thank you, my friend. I was worried the scales were tipping in Foxy’s direction and even tho I said I could handle it, I lied. I want to win! I was very hesitant to post that picture b/c it’s kinda like a crotch shot although it wasn’t meant to be. I really wanted to show the detail on the pants. But it was the best one I had so I did it for the blog. The key here is there is no head attached. That could be anyone.

  6. I think it’s a tie. You get points for pairing them with the animal print flats, and Foxy gets points for her sultry, cat-like pose. I can’t wait to see these in person at Blog U, and I’m off to peruse ebay for a pair of my own!

  7. I think yall both rock them! Mine will be coming in the mail in a few days and I can’t wait to rock the pussy pants. Its ON at BlogU!

        1. Oh, but you know we’re doing a Crazy Pants Part 2: Post BlogU. B/c guess what? What happens in BlogU doesn’t stay in BlogU.

          1. Yeah, because the best part of shit showing with a bunch of fellow bloggers who also have no shame is that it will be documented on the internet from various perspectives 😉

  8. Alla yous skinny beeyotches look the same to me. And I mean that in the nicest way. I’m positive they don’t make those in my size, know how I know? Cuz I ordered a pair of shiny Star Wars leggings from eBay, size XL and they won’t go up past my knees! Not taking a picture of that! You guys are some crazy jazz cats. I like that.

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