Word to Your Motha: Marmoreal

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If that's not marble, it's some marmoreal substance.
If that’s not marble, it’s some marmoreal substance. Photo credit: -Reji via photopin cc

Now here’s a word with infinite uses.

Marmorealadj. Of or like marble.

I mean when can you not use this word? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a situation, say in a quarry, searching for just the right word. If I had known marmoreal then do you know how much time and energy it would’ve saved me? There’s always next time.

The thing about this word is I always read it as mamoreal, which it makes me think of mammary glands, which actually would be a good word for a parenting blog, which is probably why, when I spotted it in the dictionary, I said, “Oooh, mamoreal. What does that mean?” But, no, I didn’t go that route because for one the word doesn’t mean that and for two I’m more than just a parenting blog. I’m an educational blog. (Will that attract more readers?) I think I really ought to go with the kitty blog idea. In fact, Mr. Potato Head and I are now shooting videos of the kitties, and I’m gonna start posting them. The internet was made for cat videos. It’s the only thing that really interests people. 

Well, that and definitions. Definitions are hot. You wouldn’t believe how many hits I get on my definition posts. Actually, it’s none. No one reads definition posts. Except me. Oh, sure, everybody claims they just love words, they’re aspiring linguists, they need to expand their vocabularies. But do they? Do they? I can’t make it any easier for you people. I bring the words right to you (especially if you subscribe by email or RSS feed). You don’t even need to go searching for them in a dictionary. This, right here, is a golden opportunity. 

So I keep preforming my public service (<— that’s the history of it right there plus a free bonus word), writing my little definitions with accompanying sentences to show the world how to use them so the world doesn’t look like an idiot, and posting them and then going over and reading them on my blog and laughing and laughing. And I’m the only one.

But that’s ok because I like being smarter than the rest of the population. When you’re redoing your master bath, and you need to explain to the contractor the type of stone surface you want for the vanity, who’s gonna need to know marmoreal then, huh? Huh? Well, don’t come crying to me. You had your chance.

Speaking of needing to explain to a contractor (oh, don’t get me started), don’t forget there’s also marmorean (another adjective) and marmoreally – really – which is an adjective. So now you have a whole array of marmorean words to choose from, and you are now completely equipped to talk about bathroom renovations.

I am not ready to talk about bathroom renovations so here’s my sentence. “He runs so slow. He’s practically a stone. He has a marmoreally running pace, really.” (You don’t know how hard it was to come up with a way to use the adjective form of a word meaning “of marble.”)

Doesn't she look like she'a about to smack her child? See, even moms in ancient times were annoyed by their kids.
Doesn’t she look like she’s hauling back to smack her kid? See, even moms in ancient times were annoyed by their kids, all captured here for the ages. Photo credit: -Reji via photopin cc

Oh, and good news, news that will prove my weekly word is a valuable service. I was reading a book the other day (it was Orphan Train. It’s only a New York Times bestseller. I went to the author’s reading so we’re like friends now) and she used one of my words in her book! It was vertiginous, and she didn’t even use it to describe a dreidel. (Let’s just see if she can use marmoreal. That’s the true test. I mean who couldn’t squeeze vertiginous into a book?)

That's one vertiginous marmoreal staircase if you ask me. BAM!
That’s one vertiginous marmoreal staircase if you ask me. BAM! Oh, yeah! That’s right. I used both words. Photo credit: Audringje via photopin cc

Of course, I understand these are not my words, per say, but they feel like my words, and since they are often so hard to work into a sentence any time I see one I always get excited. It’s so thrilling.

So give it your best shot in comments.



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6 thoughts on “Word to Your Motha: Marmoreal”

  1. He pulled away from her, his arm a marmoreal appendage. Ick! I always thought this word meant something like mammalian or like a marmoset. Thanks for the learnin’s.

    1. You mean you knew of this word? Kudos to you. The word also reminded me of marmot & I almost put that in the post but then we were getting way off topic.

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