Greek Yogurt Taste-Off Challenge: Yoplait Vs. Chobani


There they are. But who will prevail?

Oh, it’s on.

Just when you think you know a yogurt, a taste-off challenge comes along and makes you question everything you thought you knew. It makes you stop and reexamine all of your life’s choices. Or at least the ones made in the dairy aisle of the food store. You wonder, What if Chobani isn’t the right yogurt for me? Or, would I be happier with another yogurt? A blended yogurt, perhaps. How do I really know Yoplait Greek Blended Blueberry Yogurt isn’t better than Chobani Blueberry on the Bottom Greek Yogurt without even trying it?

You don’t. And, you never will unless you try it for yourself. I think it’s high time you looked yourself in the mirror and asked, Do I want to spend the rest of my life with the wrong yogurt? Can I really afford to take that chance? Can I?

I couldn’t. It was too risky. So when Yoplait said, “Motha, will you try our Greek Blended Blueberry Yogurt and tell us what you think?” I said, “Hell yeah, I will,” because I’m not wasting my life eating the wrong yogurt. And, I’m always up for a challenge. Plus, there are like 2,158 different yogurts on the market, and how am I supposed to know which one is best?

The yogurt aisle actually causes me anxiety. It’s like a endless array of dazzling color and light, and I start to get vertigo and just before I pass out I lurch at the shelf and swipe random yogurts into my cart and then send my cart careening out of the aisle to the check out counter because I’m weak and woozy, and I really don’t want to loose it in Shoprite.

If you feel the same way, I’m here to help. I did the research for you (at least on 2 of the 2,158 yogurts out there – hey, I didn’t see you going out there and eating all the yogurts to report back to me), and I compared Yoplait Greek Blended Blueberry Yogurt with Chobani Greek Blueberry on the Bottom Yogurt.

Blueberry Yogurt

Well, which one looks more blueberry-y to you?

I thought of doing a blind taste test, but do you think anyone in this family would help me out? The only people who would help are my kitties, and I don’t think they’re supposed to eat dairy products.

So just like everything else around here I had to do it myself.

Just who will be the winner? Watch and find out.

Now, I’m no stranger to the Chobani, but I gotta tell ya, I liked the Yoplait better. It’s definitely more blueberry-y, sweeter AND had actual, whole blueberries mixed in (bonus!). Plus, it has no artificial sweeteners, flavors or coloring (I checked). One more thing for those who are adverse to mixing yogurt with fruit on the bottom – this is a real condition, my sister has it – Yoplait’s yogurt is pre-blended! Pre-blended yogurt lovers of the world rejoice! 

So it turns out you don’t know a thing until you put a paper bag over your head and conduct a blind taste test on yourself. And, now I extend the challenge to you. Are you mom enough? (If I could I’d put a picture of a 20-year-old, statuesque blond woman with a toddler on one breast and a toddler thumbing his nose at the other while eating Yoplait Greek Blended Blueberry Yogurt instead – a la the Time magazine cover last year – to really get this taste-off some attention, but I don’t have that kind of budget).

If you, like me, have budgetary constrictions, check out Yoplait’s site and get your coupons on!  

This post is sponsored by Yoplait, but all witty, insightful, thoroughly objective opinions are my own.



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Greek Yogurt Taste-Off Challenge: Yoplait Vs. Chobani — 6 Comments

  1. My first question would be – how many grams of sugar are in each? Cause that could be the reason behind the “sweeter” taste. I’ve gone to Siggi’s brand because it has the least amount of sugar – by FAR. I compared the vanilla labels on Siggi’s with EVERY OTHER YOGURT ON THE SHELF. Siggi’s = 9g of sugar (due to the lactose in milk) and all the others are over 20grams (due to the added sugar)!! (if they have no artificial sweeteners)
    I couldn’t believe it!
    Best bet is to just buy plain add your own real fruit, or vanilla extract.

    • Have you nothing to say about my video, woman?

      But to your point, I, too, just bought Siggi’s b/c they had an interesting flavor (pomegranate & passion fruit & I loves me some passion fruit) but I tried it today & it almost made me barf. I did not like the taste & I’m pretty serious about eating natural & healthy stuff. I’m not hard core, but I try. The Yoplait has 18 g sugar so you might not wanna buy it but it is tasty.

  2. LOL I LOVE the Siggi’s pomegranate & passion! I just bought some yesterday too. :-)

    And I DO love your video! That was the smoothest self-blind-taste-test I have EVER seen! But it might have been more amusing if you had cut a hole for your mouth. 😉

  3. Oh gosh, you ARE funny. The name of your blog is true. Thanks for the laughs. I also get anxiety in the yogurt aisle. I mean how can there be so many kinds of yogurt in the world? We loved the Yoplait in our taste off too.

  4. Pre-added fruit in yogurt freaks me out. I just buy plain (still too many choices) and add my own fruit and/or honey. BUT, after seeing that very scientific self-blind-taste-test video, I’m very intrigued and will give the Yoplait Greek a shot. I’m usually totally overwhelmed by the yogurt aisle but, right now, I feel eerily calm and ready to take it on. You’re like a yogurt Yoda.

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