Word to Your Motha: Sesquipedalian

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Long word

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I love this word because the word actually means itself.

Sesquipedalian – (ses kwi pi dA lE en) adj. Also, sesquipedal. 1. Given to using long words. 2. (Of words or phrases) very long. 

If ever there was a word to describe long words this is it.

Use in a sentence: The sesquipedalian sesquipedalian is perhaps the most aptly suited word for its definition.

Alternately: The sesquipedal professor at the dinner party thought he was impressing all the guests with his travels to Waigeo Island in the Molucca Sea for his research project on a previously undiscovered ancient civilization, but he failed to realize he was not speaking to students in his lecture hall at Yale. The guests at the table would have liked to partake in the conversation or at least had a turn to speak.

That’s all I got for you today because on Day 2 of Mommy Day Camp I already lost it on my children and by Day 3 (today) I am done with them. Still, they persist in annoying me so I am unable to think or write anything more clever.

If you are able to think, how would use sesquipedalian in a sentence? Give me your best one in comments.

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